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Meet Dr. Ryan Bemis

Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan BemisA Passion for Natural Health Care

Even though his business cards may read F. Ryan Bemis, Dr. Ryan is more casual. He is known as Dr. Ryan and is one of the most passionate, laid back, yet highly professional clinicians you will meet.

My mission is to help people without the use of drugs or surgery. I’m very passionate about how much I care for people.

The Family Tradition

Even though Dr. Ryan comes from a long line of chiropractors, he didn’t discover his calling until high school.

Everyone always told me that they knew I was going to be a chiropractor. But it wasn’t really like that. I had to come to the decision on my own to follow my family’s footsteps. I had to really dig deep and haven’t ever looked back!

As a young child, Dr. Ryan actually wanted to be a commercial airline pilot, but he later found his way to the family business and passion. He also built a big network every step of the way. While studying at Palmer, he connected with a lot of alumni and sought their advice and credits his alumni connections for a lot of his early success.

The fourth-generation chiropractor is also very committed to his family. He and his wife, Kristin, met when they were undergraduates at Concordia College. They have three wonderful daughters, Madison, Morgan, and Jaina. They also enjoy the company of their two dogs, Minnie and Gracie. When he isn’t working or hanging with his family, Dr. Ryan is an avid sports fan and loves playing golf. He is also a huge Star Wars fan. (Can you tell which daughters were named after Star Wars characters?)

Additional Certifications

Dr. Ryan is a member of the ICA, International Chiropractors Association and belongs to the IPSCA, the Illinois Prairie State Chiropractic Association. He has also studied with one of the most influential pioneers in the x-ray field, Dr. Russell Erhardt.

Call Now

Contact Bemis Family Chiropractic today to schedule your first appointment! Same-day visits are often available. We can’t wait to welcome you into our care. If you need to reach Dr. Ryan directly, you can email him at

Dr. Ryan Bemis | (618) 433-9333