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About Bemis Family Chiropractic

Family Centered Care

Bemis Family Chiropractic is a family wellness practice and a family-oriented business. The Bemis family name is well-known as a respectable and established family in chiropractic, and Dr. Ryan wants to welcome you with open arms.

“Family care sums up my work,” says Dr. Ryan.

From day old infants to 100 year old seniors, he’s proud to welcome everyone-Dr. Ryan doesn’t see age, just patient care. He aims to bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to his clinic and aspires to have a warm and inviting office.

Dr. Ryan established Bemis Family Chiropractic to help patients live with greater ease through chiropractic care and is passionate about providing personalized care.

Every patient is different. We do not have a cookie-cutter approach. I understand that everyone has different needs and I do my best to address each of them. – Dr. Ryan

High Standards

Dr. Ryan holds himself to the highest standards he learned at Palmer College. He has close connections with many other providers in the area that he consults with as needed. He holds himself to the exceptional standards of the Bemis name as well.

He recently inspired a student to follow in his footsteps! One patient, who happened to play softball with Dr. Ryan’s daughter, was struggling with shoulder issues from pitching. She had seen many providers, including surgeons and physical therapists, but sadly her condition didn’t improve. When she came in to see Dr. Ryan, she started to feel better.

“After a month of care, she told me she wanted to be a chiropractor because she wanted to help people as I helped her,” recalls Dr. Ryan with tears in his eyes.

Even if you don’t want to become a chiropractor, Dr. Ryan is still eager to offer you quality treatment, especially if you haven’t found the right partner in your health care.

Visibility and Accessibility

Bemis Family Chiropractic is conveniently located right next to Target. Dr. Ryan owns his own building and chose the highly visible area so he could be accessible to as many of his patients as possible.

Dr. Ryan is passionate about not only the field of chiropractic, but also about the patients that walk through his doors.

I want my patients to know that they are not just an ordinary patient when they see me. I pride myself on getting back to patients quickly and I get really bothered when I hear about any negative experiences my patients may have had with other providers. – Dr. Ryan

Starting Early

Dr. Ryan enjoys working with infants and children and is eager to help set them on a path of vitality. When children have good spinal health, they are able to develop optimally. Just like adults, pediatric spinal care boosts a child’s immune system and supports their growth and development. Our gentle, noninvasive technique puts kids at ease. They often leave feeling calmer. Adults definitely do!

The Bemis Difference

Dr. Ryan has seen many patients who were not receiving the right care until they came to Bemis Family Chiropractic. Dr. Ryan is thrilled when he can offer his patients the honest answers and the results they have been searching for. One way he accomplishes this is by offering an incredible instrument in today’s chiropractic technology called the Impulse, which is an extremely gentle approach to chiropractic adjustments.

“The Impulse is an ideal adjustment for patients who might not feel comfortable with the ‘traditional popping and cracking’ of the joint,” explains Dr. Ryan.

Using this specialized tool, Dr. Ryan’s goal is to be able to restore your body’s balance and to address any of the underlying causes of any symptom. Additionally, Dr. Ryan offers Laser Therapy. Laser Therapy is a non-invasive modality that uses light to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and promote healing and soft tissue repair.

Get back to feeling like your vibrant self. Contact Bemis Family Chiropractic today.

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